I Have a Blogging Problem

When I started this blog, I told a select group of friends who I knew, at the very least, would act like they were going to read it.  It was the blogging equivalent of scheduling Florida Atlantic in Week 2 (just kidding, FAU, you guys totally have a shot), I just needed a little encouragement to get myself warmed up.

Instead, this response from a close friend was the general consensus:

“You should owe Word Press money for all of the free blogs you’ve started.”

I reacted defiantly, BY GAWD I WAS GONNA COMMIT TO THIS.  I fired off three blogs in a week, one of which most likely killed the Royals chances of winning anything this season.  I was committed.  I was doing this.  I was a blogging machine.

That was three weeks ago.  This is my first blog since.

My name is Alex Robinson, and I have a blogging problem.  But I’m working on it.  Still, based on past performance, my DFS and poker friends know it’s only a matter of time before I regress.

Now that I have sufficiently wasted your time talking about myself (sorry (not really)), check out Shawn Achor’s TED Talk on how Happiness inspires productivity.  I’m confident it will be the best thing you’ll watch today.


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